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For one to live to be 100, there are common practices they need to conform to which are not only recommended but, proven from cultures categorized in Blue Zones. The areas marked as Blue Zones exhibit certain practices where the locals live longer at a rate which is higher than the American population. Thus, the life expectancy in these regions has an extra 12 years added on with the mortality rate being halved compared to that of the American society. There are several perceptions around the globe regarding the longevity of life with some people proposing doing yoga, organic diets, spirituality, and even inducing hormones into our bodies among other things. However, it is important to note that none of these prescribed diets nor intense exercises have proven to increase longevity for more than 2 percent of the population under study. Hence, ruling out some of the misconceptions regarding eating organic foods among other diets.

To live a long life, 100 plus years, I plan to schedule my daily routine that constantly engages me in physical activity. Most people consider intense exercising as the best option, but given the example of Okinawan women, their frequent movement that entails sitting down and standing up to carry out different activities sums up the ideal physical activity. For this reason, I do not plan to create any conveniences such as having an elevator in the house and placing buttons all over the house to do house chores which limits activity. Therefore, in the process of physically engaging myself, I will burn a couple of calories without having to exercise intensively. Moreover, incorporating physical activity in what I do means I get to enjoy every aspect while exhibiting the right outlook.

Setting aside time for downshift is one concrete behaviour that facilitates life longevity. The normal activities we carry out on a daily basis expose us to stress and even at times we have to rush to meet deadlines. However, by scheduling time to pray, the body is able to be at peace which helps relieve it from inflammatory response emanating from the pressures we face. The inflammatory effect places humans at risk of developing complications such as cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, by instilling such a behaviour in my daily routine, the dedication to prayer will assist me generate an anti-inflammatory effect which translates to a healthier lifestyle and life longevity. Such a practice displayed by elderly populations in Blue Zone places them in a better position to live to be 100.

Having a sense of purpose whenever I rise up is a solid practice that will assist me to live up my dream of getting to 100 years. The day of birth and when we die are the tragic moments in one’s life but, in-between we have the capability of influencing our life’s length. Therefore, breaking down our lives into sections where we have a work life and later on we retire is not recommendable. The retirement phase compromises activity as this is the time most individuals believe they have got to rest and do simpler tasks. However, engaging into risky roles in the name of creating a sense of purpose is dangerous as we might get hospitalized. For this reason, I plan to have a purpose for waking up every morning as it gives me an advantage to see another day despite this being a great thought.

 Dan Buettner. How to live to be 100+ |TED Talk

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