Obesity and Healthy Diet

The eating of processed meals and fast foods consumption combined with the over dependence on the car as a means of transport have resulted in an increase in obesity and a decline of fitness level in our current population.

Healthy Diet. Boiled Egg

Such poor lifestyle habits whereby people eat unhealthily and do not engage in fitness exercises are actually disappointing in the developed countries. In some nations, particularly the industrialized ones, the number of individuals suffering from obesity can be as high as 33% of the general population. This is an important observation that calls for action. Obesity is a precursor to dangerous cardiovascular diseases that can lead to sudden and inevitable deaths. This paper seeks to find if there is need for the government and its people to work out systems that are going to improve on fitness of its citizens.

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge that obesity and poor fitness can lead to a decline in life expectancy. Indeed, those people with obesity have increased prospects of suffering from terminal illness such as diabetes and cardiovascular afflictions. Apart from threatening the life of an individual, such afflictions have a tremendous financial impact when it comes to treating them. For instance, people who have diabetes will require to be injected with insulin, avoid playing games that can result in injuries among other precautions. On the other side, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases are susceptible to constant heart attacks that can lead to death. To avoid such conditions, people should engage in regular exercises to prevent the risk of heart disease and stroke. Engaging in regular activities is important in facilitating the burning of excessive fats in the body. This then implies that individuals who lack fitness exercises risk suffering from such diseases. The dangers that one faces from this habits that are easily avoidable and manageable are a huge menace especially to current generations that are adapting to modern ways of the lifestyle. Traditionally some of these problems were not a problem majorly because back then the foods were not taken through processes of manufacturing. Some would say that this is the price we pay for what we call advancing.

The general change in lifestyle of people can increase life expectancy in a tremendous way if they embrace basic guidelines. The desired changes in lifestyle are usually in the aspect of what a person eats and what a person does in terms of physical activities. The current issue today is that people are too lazy to cook their own meals and they then rely on fast foods which are processed and thus have high levels of fat and sugar. Some would say the time spent cooking can be spent doing other jobs that would have an economic benefit forgetting that health is priceless. People should prepare their own meals and consume less sugar. There is the need for people to consume more fruits and vegetables to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Preferably more people should embrace the consumption of organic foods as they come with pure benefits to the body and nurture the body as should be done. This action can lead to a reduction in the level of obesity. For the purpose of improving fitness, individuals should choose to engage their bodies in exercises. For instance, one should ensure that they jog at least three times a week. Additionally, one can opt to walk or cycle to places such as shops instead of taking the car. Another common alternative is to choose to take the stairs instead of relying on the lift. If people were to take such simple changes in their lives, there would be an increased improvement in their fitness levels, and this can lead to a desirable reduction in the levels of obesity.

The government and other local authorities can also come about with initiatives that can help improve the diet and fitness level of its citizens. Such initiatives can be done in various ways.  For instance, the government can engage in this noble exercise through the act of educating the masses. Classes should be added to the curriculum that teaches about healthy diet and lifestyles. Education is an important tool that can be used to inculcate desirable values on people. By ensuring that children are informed of the negative effects of obesity and what can result to obesity, their future can be secured. Furthermore, the government can do more to encourage the citizens to walk or cycle instead of taking the car. For example, this can be done by constructing an increased number of convenient cycle lanes or increasing taxes for vehicles. Despite the fact that critics can argue against tax increment as a negative technique, it is not a different technique as the one the government is using to curb the increased level of smokers. Above tapping into the willingness of the citizens to participate in such noble courses the passing of education on the same is the most crucial exercise a government can undertake. This leaves an impact that runs through generations even without having to enforce laws on the different industries.

In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge that obesity and poor fitness are a major problem in the contemporary society. People are so busy making money to the extent that they forget to maintain their own bodies. It is at the height of deaths and increased body conditions that most people get to realize the magnitude of the problem and decide to act when it is already too late. It is currently a common scene in the streets of developed countries to see children struggle with weight and still holding tight to their deep fried potatoes without a care of the damage they are doing to themselves and in the end it is hospitals full of patients suffering from heart conditions. The people and the government can partner to tackle this issue that is leading to the death of many individuals in the society. The focus of the solution lies in the diet and fitness. Of all the solutions suggested, those that emanate from the individuals are the most effective. It is the life choices of an individual can lead to the decrease in the obesity levels in the society. However, it is important to acknowledge the impact government’s effort can have in the reduction of the levels of obesity. With the levels of obesity in the developed and developing countries on the rise, it is imperative that individuals take action to handle this issue effectively.

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