The importance of being grateful

Happy and healthy life is not only about organic, toxic free products, healthy house, and lifestyle. All these things mean nothing without inner balance and good mental health. It is important to be calm and to say “thank” everyone.  According to this, human’s life is not just an essay on gratitude, but the thick and […]

Living Longer. Dan Buettner research

For one to live to be 100, there are common practices they need to conform to which are not only recommended but, proven from cultures categorized in Blue Zones. The areas marked as Blue Zones exhibit certain practices where the locals live longer at a rate which is higher than the American population. Thus, the […]

Obesity and Healthy Diet

The eating of processed meals and fast foods consumption combined with the over dependence on the car as a means of transport have resulted in an increase in obesity and a decline of fitness level in our current population. Such poor lifestyle habits whereby people eat unhealthily and do not engage in fitness exercises are […]