From Parabens to BHTs, our homes are filled with harmful chemicals that could also make their way into our bodies. Scary as it sounds, but almost every household product we own – from shampoos to baby wipes – can eventually cause illness. 11,000 out of supposedly 80,000 substances are already banned in Europe and Japan. Think about it: how much do we really know about these hard-to-pronounce compounds in ingredient labels?

Just because you’re not ingesting or applying these chemicals doesn’t immediately mean you are safe. These toxins get flushed, drained, and seep into drainage systems, soils, ground water, rivers, and lakes. If we’re not polluting our bodies, we pollute the environment we live in. Finally, these chemicals end up in the food we eat. Vegetables and fruits can contain toxins because of the products we use to keep our homes and bodies clean. Imagine the irony of the modern world.

It’s NEVER too late though. By educating yourself, as well as your loved ones, about the dangers of using unknown chemicals, you can begin living healthy again. Research about the various toxins manufacturers use in creating their products. Then take a look into your own home to assess how many of these goods you utilize. Remember: some merchandise will have misleading labels. Learn to differentiate between what’s real and what is sheer advertising ploys.

Be familiar with these compounds found on most household products such as shampoos, moisturizers, cleansers, deodorizers, and sprays. Compare studies done through the years so you can inform others to make wise choices. Share your new-found knowledge with your friends! Use social media as well as your online accounts. Join forums, discussions and crusades for greener, safer selections on skincare and hygiene.

To begin your commitment to healthier choices, begin by taking the Toxic Test! It won’t take long. Just gather common products you frequently use at home like cleansers, lotions, detergents, and aerosols. Then check the ingredients you see on the labels. Based on the number of harmful chemical compounds, you will receive a toxicity score. Reduce these pollutants from your home and see the difference.

Live well by switching to healthier, more natural alternatives. Take the Toxic test today!

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